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Gulf Harbour Electronics appointed Technical representative for Garmin Marine Electronics

In December 08, Garmin formed a new distribution company, Garmin Australasia Pty Ltd. eliminating the distribution company resulting in reduced pricing.

Early on, we at Gulf Harbour Electronics recognised  the potential for savings and advantage for our clients. We were appointed one of a handful of “Technical Representatives” in NZ and an obvious outlet for one of America’s biggest selling brands.


New Qualification ; Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy:

John Dale CEO GHE  has successfully completed and passed qualifying examinations in a course – Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy: Measurement, Data Interpretation and Applications. The subject addresses corrosion of metals in aqueous solutions and lead acid battery chemistry. The course was conducted by Dr Qiu Jianhai –  BEng CEng PhD MIM FlCorr. Corrosion Specialist of Singapore. 12 December 2009 

The knowledge base is assisting in a clear concise tutorial John is writing under the banner Battery Academy. The course will offer the participants a qualification:  Advanced Trade Certification in Battery Technology.


Gulf Harbour Electronics Ltd

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More and more Electrical and Electronic Appliances are finding their way aboard boats these days, creating the need for more and more power to be generated and stored aboard. The key to self-sufficiency is knowing how much electrical energy your vessel requires each day and planning a generation and storage system to supply that requirement.

With the latest Digital Frequency Response Analysis measuring techniques combined with a new analysis methodology known as “Discrete Frequency Impedance Spectroscopy” you have access to up to the minute performance data on your Gel, VRLA AGM or Flooded Lead Acid battery banks.

Come, tell us about your electrical issues and together with our field technicians we will have you boating in safety wherever you go.

Gulf Harbour Marina is arguably the finest in the Southern Hemisphere. The home of around 1000 boats, it is just 40 minutes from Downtown Auckland. The Marina opens to the panoramic Hauraki Gulf encompassing 7000 square miles with many islands and idyllic cruising waters